To be a customs broker and multi-modal transporter in Vietnam, we handle diverse customs broker service at borders between Vietnam – Cambodia, Laos, and China…as below :

*   Cross border Thailand- Laos- Vietnam- China shipments for fresh fruits ( Longans, Durian, Jack fruit, Mangosteen…

*   Full services for temporary import- re export shipment from all over the world via Hai phong to China border gates by trucking and lighter.

Our most outstanding strengths are :

*   Reefer Cargo :beef, chicken wings, feet, paws, offal…

*   Dry nuts : green bean, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, walnuts, almonds...,

Trucks are waiting for discharge

Discharge frozen food at border gate.

Discharge fresh longan at border gate.

Discharge fresh jack fruit at border gate.