Customs declaration is one of the most important stages during processing import & export  cargoes, it not only requires flexible action of staffs with full experiences in handling problems occurred from customers but also  grasp skills to operate modern equipment so as to deliver cargoes quickly. To satisfy the above-mentioned demands of our customers, our customs services has been perfectly improving day by day and has contributed to strongly promote the development of the company. With dedicated trained-well employees, we are offering the highest level of professional customs brokerage service.

Main Customs Services :

*   Customs declaration service for sea ( FCL, LCL) and air shipments.

*   Customs declaration service for  dry cargo  such as garment, hanger, furniture, plastics, machinery equipments, vehicles, solar…and reefer cargo  sush as  frozen chicken , chicken paw, foodstuff, offal…

*   Customs clearance for all types of business, investment, temporary import and re-export, return shipment. Customs broker service at borders gates between Vietnam – Cambodia, Laos, and China.

*   Transload container customs services

*   Customs declaration service for return shipment


Beside shaking hand with professional transport company, we had invested the system of trucks and container trailers to perform as the professional freight forwarder .

We keep investing means of transport, human resources…to expand and improve logistics services to reach international standard and provide excellent service to our clients.

Main Trucking Services :

*   Inland trucking .

*   Cross border trucking .

Trucking Team

Transloading Cargo Process