If you are worrying that the airfreight rate is too high but the sea freight transit time is too long, TICO Logistics will find you the best solution. We are complimenting a new service called “TICO Sea - Air Service” which can help our customer handle every shipment from Asia to EU and US in the shortest time with the lowest budget.

What is TICO Sea-Air Service?

Sea-Air Service can be easily understood as the combination of sea and airfreight transportation which allows you to send goods urgently and costly. Our company provide this service from Vietnam via a transit point in Hong Kong and then to Europe and USA within only 10 days, instead of traditionally sending cargoes via pure airfreight or sea freight as before. This alternative solution ensures that you can save not only your time and money but also contribute to protect environment. It can be said that TICO Sea - Air Service is a leading service in logistics field, a perfect alternative solution for all shipments in both fast and cheap way.

How does it work?

Firstly, your cargo will be shipped via container vessel from Vietnam to our main transit point in Hong Kong where the goods are transferred within 3 days from sea freight containers to airfreight pallets. After that, in Hong Kong, we plan to carry your cargo via planes to the international airport next to your wishing destination, where our trustworthy agents are in charge of picking it up immediately and delivering it to your warehouse on time.

What commodity do we transport via Sea - Air Service?

Our main goods are garments which were done outwork in Vietnam and then will be sold in EU and US. However, to other general cargoes which are suitable for Sea - Air Service but you don’t know whether it is possible or not, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to find out for you.

Which destinations do we transport via Sea - Air Service?

We serve all international ports in Vietnam, Hong Kong and supply all destinations in Europe and USA. TICO Logistics provide the most effective and reliable service which is the perfect combination between geographical and local infrastructure advantages. We can handle all destinations in Europe from Northern, Western, Southern to Eastern Europe and all ports in USA.

Contact us – info@ticog.com for more information.