A notice to suspend the membership of TICO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was sent out by the WCA on September 13, 2021. Having been a member of WCA since 2016, TICO would like to reach out to all members of WCA as well as to domestic and overseas logistics companies about this incident.
It all started with a shipment of 7x40HC Paper towels from Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam to New York, USA, nominated to TICO in September 2020 by APS Logistics International (PVT) LTD (Sri Lanka) – another WCA member. Under the nomination from APS, TICO did book space for the shipment and the ocean freight which would be collected at the destination. However, upon arrival, the consignee abandoned the shipment due to the amount of arising demurrage/storage fee being too huge. It’s $113,535.00 and plus $31,147.10 in ocean freight. The agent – APS Logistics International (PVT) LTD (Sri Lanka), who nominated shipment to Tico failed to fulfill the responsibilities required of the designator. This has caused a huge loss for TICO which is the booking party and the agent at the destination is CTS Global Supply Chain Solutions (New York) – CTS. After the shipping line auctioned the goods ($52,305.75) and offset the total amount incurred by the shipment, TICO and CTS both still suffered heavy losses by the remaining amount of payment. Specifically, TICO must pay $31,147.10 in ocean freight and CTS paid an amount of $41,301.32, then we still owe the shipping line $22,187.93 as bad debt.
TICO and CTS have also claimed costs to the WCA to ask them to cover this risk. However, after a period of more than a half year, 3 contradictory decisions were issued by the WCA. Ultimately, they refused to protect our risk and ruled that TICO should bear the entire costs. As a party who heavily suffered a financial loss and reputation due to an irresponsibility of a WCA member, TICO has once again been slapped away by the WCA’s suspension.
In closing, TICO would like to emphasize that WCA’s resolution of complaints among members is inefficient, unprofessional, and does not protect the right and legitimate interests of members. The WCA’s emotional and irresponsible judgment has hugely damaged the honor, reputation, and finances of a member who should be provided protection by the WCA legally, which is TICO. In order to protect its legitimate interests and reputation, TICO will officially sue WCA in an international court.

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